Friday, May 27, 2011

Dream Card, Bargain Shopping and Paper Flowers

Hi, I wanted to do a quick post and let all of you know I'm still around. Not long after my last post we had Blogger's several-days-long service disruption and then shortly after it was back online, my computer crashed! So, to make a long story short, I am back online and now have Windows 7 instead of Vista. Thank goodness for a future son-in-law, who, along with his many other positive attributes, happens to be a Computer support specialist. I've been busy reloading my software and getting everything updated and working properly. But I still managed to get in a little craft time! The little cards you saw in my last post ( have been converted into a banner. Most of this card is made from a few of the papers in DCWV The Botanical Stack. I love the soft earthy color on these sheets.

Sorry for the quality of these photos. Maybe someday it will stop raining and I can take pictures outside. Sigh.  Anyway, I've also been craft shopping and picked up a few fun things from Michael's $1.00 bin. These little teardrop could be used in a lot of different ways to embellish cards and pages. I used a few in the center of this paper flower.
Recollections Boutique Fleur Mini Teardrop Gems

Then I found this glitter that really rocks. I bought 3 bottles but after using it I went back for more. Don't tell anyone, but I'm not a big Stickles fan. I know, everyone raves over Stickles, but I've found it comes out in big messy globs, but not this stuff from the $1 bin! It has a small tip and comes out in a nice manageable line. Hmmm, maybe I should go back for more...
Studio g Glitter Glue

Then I found these nice rubber stamps. They're a good size and quality, not like what you usually find in the $1 bin. I also picked up more of the one dollar rhinestones (can't have too many of those, right?) and a little stapler with colored staples that was on clearance. All the Recollections stuff was 40% off, so I got a few cardstock packs and metallic mini brads.

I was watching paper flowers tutorials on You Tube a few days before my traumatic computer crash. If you are interested in making paper flowers you must spend a little time browsing though a few videos. Here are some of the flowers I came up with after watching:
Most of these are loosely based on this video:  by selectionsbyER. This red one is my favorite:
Here's the yellow flower with the blue teardrop center.
This is a nice coppery one:
The one below couldn't be easier. It is 8 scalloped circles, edges inked, stacked, with a brad in the center holding them together. They were misted with water and scrunched up toward the center, reshaped and let dry. It reminds me of a carnation with the edges dyed. The video is by pinkaboo6691, check it out at:

I appreciate the comments in response to my last post and all of you who emailed me or contacted me through yahoo groups to answer my question (if there is interest in photos of the various stages of creating a card). So, in the future I will take more photos to share my card-making process with you (such as it sometimes is, LOL). Now I'm off to Michael's for more glitter glue! I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend and thank you for visiting Paper Oasis!


  1. Oh how I wish my Michael's dollar bin had such great items....cry. Thanks for the great tutorial for the flowers, they are beautiful and I am gonna make some. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great job on the blog, I love the eye candy flowers!

  3. BTW - I am going to post this on my blog - the video is great!!

  4. those are so beautiful!!
    Denise in WA

  5. Beautiful flowers & I love your sweet card with that great banner :)

  6. Love the card and the flowers. Great job, but I still love stickles! (found if I shake it first it works for me) (But to each there own)

  7. I want to see the colored staples! :)

  8. Thanks so much for visiting! I love hearing from new people! I have been looking around on your blog a little and like what I see. I have decided to follow!

  9. Hi there! I found this post by searching my youtube name in google. Thank you for mentioning my video :) and I love your take on the flowers! they are awesome!

    ER (selectionsbyer)